MURDER IN THE DARK, by Kerry Greenwood

What better way to begin the New Year, and my new blog, than with Kerry Greenwood’s Murder in the Dark.

My own New Year’s Eve was uneventful. So uneventful that my blocked up head and I retired to bed by 9.30PM. So much for ringing the the New year! The only ringing I heard was that of my non-functioning ears.

I did, however, very briefly hear a firework or two later in the night. I remember thinking, Happy New year, then rolling over and going back to sleep.

The New Year was rather more fun, and rather more eventful for Phryne Fisher when she attended a four-day feast of food, drink, and hash at the Last Best Party of 1928.le

I find Kerry Greenwood and Phryne Fisher rather predictable but like all old friends, enjoyable nonetheless. And. like ture old friends, she doesn’t disappoint.

It’s Christmas, and Phryne has an invitation to the Last Best party of 1928, a four-day extravaganza being held at Werribee Manor House and grounds by the Golden Twins, Isabella and Gerald Templar.


Undecided about going, Phryne starts receiving anonymous threats warning her against attending at which time she promptly decided to accept the invitation.

As anyone familiar with the lady knows, tell her not to do something and that is exactly the perverse lady WILL DO!

Murder in the Dark comes with the usual list of accomplishers: Dot, Jane, Ruth, friendly policemen, and one or two in disguise. Who can tell? Well, Phryne can. that’s who. The reader is left to work things out for themselves. Riddles and clue on hidden pieces of paper may baffle the reader, but never fear, Phryne is up to the task. Not even a poisonous snake sent in a gift box at Christmas can deter this lady. So what is a little bit of ground glass in the cold cream between enemies!

Geenwood provides another good romp with a protagonist who is in many ways out of her time. Her attitude to life is rather appealing as there are no hang-ups with this lady.

Murder in the Dark will not tax your brain or have you racing through the pages for clues. What it does is give you a delightfully light read for that Christmas period when you concentration is jaded from too much celebration and anticipation of the New Year.

Murder in the Dark. by Kerry Greenwood

Crows Nest, NSW : Allen & Unwin, 2006


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