I have decided to set myself a challenge for 2011. No, not to read the top 1000 books usually found on such Challenge Lists but one of my own making.

I have decided to read, if I can, one author from every country. Now, Australia, USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, China and Vietnam are easy.

I have given this challenge a bit of thought since first writing here and have decided to make it even more interesting by sticking to my original objective and try to read a crime/mystery book from as many countries as possible.

The nationality of authors has become a problem. For instance, Peter Robinson, a new discovery by me, was born in England but lives in Canada. his books are set in the Yorkshire Dales, UK. So for my purposes, I will classify him as British. Therefore, I will be guided both by the authors place of birth and the location of his novel.


2 thoughts on “CHALLENGE 2011

  1. Cry the Beloved Country by South African Alan Paton. I can lend you my dog-eared old paperback copy if you like, but you can often pick it up for a song in op-shops because it used to be on year 12 reading lists.

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