heavenly pleasures by Kerry Greenwood


Heavenly Pleasures

Although I have read several of Greenwood’s books in prior times, this is a first time read of Corinna Chapman. I better warn you right at the beginning that if it is possible to put on weight while reading a book then this one will do it for you. All that heavenly chocolate. Not to mention all those heavenly muffins! Which leads us very nicely into the title of the book: heavenly pleasures.

Corinna Chapman is a complete departure from the Phyrnne Fisher character but the resemblance between the books is established with the selection of recipes to be enjoyed at the end of the adventure.

Corinna is baker of delicious bread. Her ex-drug addict assistant Jason, all of fifteen in this book, is the master of the muffin. Nobody makes a muffin quite like Jason – although I was tempted to get out my muffin tins and try. The fact that I am basically a very bad muffin maker, plus the fact I was reading in bed, helped me resist the temptation.

Joining Corinna and Jason is a cast of characters that can only be found in a large city like Melbourne where the story is located. Plus a menagerie of cats, kittens, rats and mice.

The premise of the story is reasonably simple. Corinna’s male companion Daniel, ex-Israeli Army, private detective, he of the gorgeous body, looks for lost girls, and, of course, meets trouble in the form of Darren the God Boy, large fists and elderly, traditional Turkish fathers along the way. As a sideline he solves mysteries. And the mystery here is, who is putting chili sauce in the chocolates at Heavenly Pleasures, that chocaholic’s dream come true?

Who is the mysterious new tenant? Why is a person or  persons unknown terrorising the inhabitants of Insula, a highly desirable inner-city residence? Bomb threats, cat burglars, Twins Tait and Bull, so nasty that even their own family of crooks disowned them, several chocolates and muffins later, Corinna and Daniel have solved it all.

This book will not tax your brain or keep you awake at night. It will provide you with a laugh or two, a muffin and chocolate craving and a few hours of reading escapism. Well worth trying if you don’t take your books too seriously.

Title:  heavenly pleasures

Author: Kerry Greenwood

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

ISBN: 1 74114 512 0


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