TRICK OR TREAT by Kerry Greenwood

TRICK OR TREAT by Kerry Greenwood

Trick or Treat. It is Samhain and the witches have gathered in Melbourne. Someone has poisoned the Soul Cakes with ergot or LSD sending customers mad. The fourth book in Kerry Greenwood’s Corinna Chapman series offers all the fast paced action found in her previous books. Corinna the Baker once again has an unknown admirer – and an unknown enemy. Someone wants her out of business, or perhaps, even dead.

The witches may have gathered for a little naked dancing at Williamstown Beach in Melbourne but it is the usual cast of Greenwood’s characters who help solve the mystery; Daniel, the delicious ex-Israeli soldier, Jason the former drug addict, Meroe the witch, and the rest of the weird but wonderful inhabitants of Insula, the inner-city apartment building where the gathered dwellers indulge in communal meals in the roof top garden. I really would like to move there it it wasn’t for the rats, mice, the occasional snake shoved through the letterbox and people thinking they can fly off the roof across the way. Yes, they could fly. No, they could not survive the landing in the alley way!

In this book, Corinna and Daniel have not only the witches to contend with but an Sloan lady friend or former acquaintance of Daniel’s fresh of the plane from Good Old Blighty – and up to no good as far as Corinna is concerned. Then there is Uncle Solly, the proprietor of the New York Deli, who it turns out is definitely NOT the harmless of man he appears to be.

As if someone trying to put Corinna and a rival bakery, Best Fresh Hot Bread Shop, out of business is not enough, we also have the mystery of stolen artifacts, jewellery and gold from Kalamata in Greece. How the stolen property ended up in Melbourne, Australia, is anyone’s guess, a mystery that takes the skills of Daniel to solve and put right.

Once again, Greenwood does not tax our intelligence or incredulity – well, maybe just a little. Her books are not for those people who like their murders and mysteries to have teeth. Instead, they provide a few hours of enjoyment, if read tongue in cheek, and are well worth the attempt.

Title:  Trick or Treat

Author: Kerry Greenwood

Publisher: Allen & Unwin 2007


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