The Black Cat

THE BLACK CAT by Martha Grimes 🙂 🙂 🙂

I have difficulty placing this book and author into a category. Martha Grimes was born and bred in the USA but, with a few exceptions, her Richard Jury series of mysteries are set in England. So, should I put this book under USA or Britain? I have gone for Britain because of the subject matter.

When a body is found on the patio of The Black Cat pub in Chesham, Superintendent Richard Jury of the Metropolitan Police must establish the identify of the beautifully and richly dressed victim. Who was a beautiful young woman in the Yves Saint Laurent dress and Jimmy Choo shoes?  No one in the small village admits to knowing her although “she looks familiar”. A similar crime then occurs in London – this time the victim is wearing shoes by Louboutin.

The pub cat, Morris, is catnapped from the Black Cat. Yes, Morris is a black  feline. Was Morris a witness to the murder or is there an even more sinister and beguiling motive for the missing Morris. Just how many black cats can one pub own when another black cat is substituted for the missing Morris. When they are joined by a third black cat, Schrödinger confusion reigns.

Jury’s old nemesis, Harry Johnson, the teller of tall tales and owner of Mungo, the cleverest and most chatty of dogs, appears in the scene once more to goad Jury. Will Jury finally nail him? Mungo decides to help Jury.

“Mungo sent Morris the message to wait, wait until they were out.

You already told me that.

The tone was truculent. Mungo could have done with some appreciation.”

“O Boredom, I salute you!

Where was the Spotter? Mungo knew he was – There! Coming through the door, followed by Morris. The Spotter didn’t see her. My God! Couldn’t even detectives suss out they were being followed by a cat? Mungo hoped his faith wasn’t misplaced.”

Richard Jury, hampered as always by the delectable Carole-Ann Palutski, his upstairs neighbour with an idiosyncratic method of taking Jury’s phone messages, assisted again by Sergeant Wiggins and Melrose Plant, meets a world of glamorous “ladies” – escorts not necessarily providing added services of a more personal nature to their escorting jobs. or so they claim!  So why is someone intent on reducing their ranks?

Jury and cast enter a world of designer clothes and shoes before neatly finding where the shoe fits.

Title: The Black Cat

Author: Martha Grimes

Publisher: Signet, 2011


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