The Classics Club


I discovered this book group today. Here are my 20 books.

1. Gone with the Wind

2. North and South

3. Death in Venice

4. Cloud Atlas

5. A Little Boy Lost

6. The Mystery of the Hansom Cab

7. Middlemarch

8. Anna Karenina

9. The Human Machine

10. Wessex Tales

11. A Group of Noble Dames

12. Northanger Abbey

13. Wives and Daughters

14. The Iliad (oh woe is me!)

15. Ivanhoe

16 The Legends of King Arthur and His Knights

17. The Belton Estate

18. Little Dorritt

19. Paradise Lost

20. Brighton Rock

Now if I can fit all these in along with three Theology at University this semester plus three different subjects nexts semester then I will once again revert to childhood and believe in miracles?


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